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Rothwell 3 Watch Roll (Brown / Tan)

Say hello to the absolute pinnacle of watch display and storage. The Rothwell 3 watch roll sets the standard for quality and is perfect for all kinds of travel. The case holds three individual watches, features soft micro suede pillows and is wide enough to accommodate a collection of oversized watches. One unique characteristic specific to our box is that we use oversized dividers in between the watch slots. This allows for the watches to have ample space in between one another to ensure that they never touch or get scratched while inside. This watch roll is the perfect size collectors and enthusiasts of all ages!

  • COMPLETE WATCH SEPORATION – Each watch has it’s own compartment to prevent scratching. Solid dividers make up three individual slots for watches up to 60mm to fit perfectly. No more scratches on the sides of your watches from banging into each other like with other styles of watch rolls!
  • SLIDE IN WATCH HOLDER: Our watch roll features an innovative slide in watch cushion design that holds each watch firmly in place. During transit, the watches of all shapes and sizes are completely protected from undesired scratches.
  • FLAT BACK: The back of this watch roll is flat so you may set it on a table or desk without the risk of it rolling off the edge. Other watch rolls are completely round, leaving them venerable to rolling around while set down.
  • MATCHING ACCESSORY: Each 3 watch roll is handcrafted by the same leatherworkers who create our artisan watch boxes. Each color will match perfectly to our watch boxes. Using 4 hidden snaps to close, this watch roll is the perfect travel accessory or storage case for any watch enthusiast.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Be it a Father’s Day gift for dad, anniversary gift for your husband, birthday gift for your son, or Christmas gift for the wife, you’re sure to delight even the most hard-to-please recipient. Our unisex design is perfect for any of the watch collectors in your life! Or give it to yourself! Your watches deserve it!